Resin Jewellery Workshop
Resin Jewellery Workshop Resin Jewellery Workshop Resin Jewellery Workshop Resin Jewellery Workshop Resin Jewellery Workshop

Create your own wearable works of art in this hands on creative workshop.

By popular demand we are finally running a resin jewellery workshop!

In this specifically tailored one of a kind workshop we will be teaching you how to craft your own resin earrings. We will be working with silicon mould designed and crafted especially for our workshops, these moulds have multiple components which will allow you to make upward of 6 pairs of earrings (this really depends on how you chose to use your components) you should have enough to decorate your lobes with spares to gift to lucky family & friends! Some of the components could also be used to create pendants or whatever else your imagination can conjure up!

We will be working with 2 types of resin, a fast setting and slow setting, and teaching you the differences and benefits of working with each. We will start the workshop using the fast setting resin so that you can learn and practise how to sand, polish and finish your jewellery pieces. We will finish the workshop using the slow setting resin to achieve different effects and finishes.


Studio 5.02b / Precinct 75, 75 Mary Street, St Peters, 2044

What you will learn:   

- What resin is and how to safely work with it,

- How to properly mix your resin,

- How to add different pigments, powders and glitters to colour your resin,

- How to mould resin using our silicon moulds,

- How to de-mould, sand, polish and finish your pieces using various earring findings.

What you will get:   

- Enough 'fast set' resin to fill and de-mould all components at least twice (approximately 60 components),

- Enough slow set resin to create another set of components (approximately 30 components),

- A huge choice of pigments, powders and glitters to colour your resin,

- A sanding kit with multiple grades of micro mesh that you can continue to use at home for future projects,

- A selection of earring findings to connect your components as well as posts and other pieces so you can wear your creations home.

- Use of our moulds and tools to create your pieces.

At the end of this workshop you should understand the basic principles of working with resin and silicon moulds so that you can continue to create your own jewellery and homewares at home.

We believe craft is as much about creativity as it is about connection, in our workshops you have the opportunity to meet new friends, share a few stories, laugh with each other and simply enjoy some time out for yourself.

Class sizes are always kept small so that participants will enjoy hands on assistance while you learn and create.

COVID19 Safety Plan: The health and safety of all our participants as well as our own team are a key priority especially as we navigate our way out of the recent COVID19 restrictions. We have completed a COVID safety plan and registered with the NSW Government as a COVID safe business. For your assurance, below are the key steps we will be taking to ensure your health & safety:

  1. If you are feeling unwell on the day please contact us to reschedule your workshop.
  2. All surfaces used in the workshop will be cleaned with disinfectant before and after each workshop.
  3. All participants will be asked to sanitise their hands on arrival to the studio.
  4. There will be a maximum of 10 participants in each workshop with social distancing measures in place.
  5. Participants won't be allowed entry into the studio until the commencement of the workshop - we ask participants to be responsible for maintaining social distance if they are waiting outside of the studio.
  6. We will maintain a registration of all participants and their contact details for a period of 28 days, these will be stored securely and confidentially and only be used for contact tracing should the need arise.
  7. The kitchen area will not be accessible - usually we encourage participants to help themselves to tea & coffee and we love providing a grazing plate to keep you going. Since the studio space is sublet, we can not guarantee the health and safety of our participants or those who work in the space on weekdays if we have an open kitchen. We encourage you to bring your own hot drinks and water with you to the workshop - Sample Coffee is an excellent coffee shop located on Mary Street just a few doors down from the driveway entry. We will have some small snacks available but can’t guarantee the effects on your waistline.
  8. The bathrooms are managed by Precinct 75, We understand that they are cleaning every few hours but to be safe we will provide disinfectant wipes for your convenience. We will also ensure we have hand soap and paper towels on hand should their supply be insufficient. 
  9. We begin each workshop with a demonstration which usually means gathering in close proximity to other participants - we will need to work with each group to manage social distance throughout the demonstration, we are confident this can be managed with everyone’s cooperation.

Cancellation Policy: no refunds for classes but you are welcome to send someone else in your place if you can't make it on the day. If you forget to attend or can not attend on the day, your booking is not transferrable after the event.