All our boards are made in Australia from locally sourced kiln dried camphor laurel timber and are made from a single piece of timber.  Our boards are a premium product specifically designed and made for resin art, engraving, pyrography, painting etc.

Why choose our boards?

Our boards are made from a single piece of kiln dried camphor laurel timber which is 100% antibacterial so the best timber to make cutting boards from and makes them the most hygienic cutting boards on the market. These are the same boards we choose to use in our workshops they are routered and sanded so that you will get beautiful resin edges and sides.

The lessor quality boards (and yes cheaper) available through department stores are imported and made from glued together timber panels which can crack or split over time, they have sharp edged which make it very difficult to achieve smooth sides. Resin isn't cheap so don't waste it on poor results.

We want you to love what you make and know that you are working with the best quality materials, we are also passionate about supporting other small Australian craft people and businesses whenever we have the choice to do so.