Resin Ocean Art Craft Kit & Live Workshop
Resin Ocean Art Craft Kit & Live Workshop Resin Ocean Art Craft Kit & Live Workshop Resin Ocean Art Craft Kit & Live Workshop Resin Ocean Art Craft Kit & Live Workshop Resin Ocean Art Craft Kit & Live Workshop Resin Ocean Art Craft Kit & Live Workshop Resin Ocean Art Craft Kit & Live Workshop Resin Ocean Art Craft Kit & Live Workshop Resin Ocean Art Craft Kit & Live Workshop

Surrender yourself to the free form medium of epoxy resin. This fluid style of painting is perfect for creating ocean views and beach scenes.

How it works:

  1. Book your Resin Art Kit and Workshop time
  2. We'll deliver a Resin Art Box to you - this is a physical craft box containing the materials you'll need. No additional shipping charges, and your Box should arrive within 5 to 10 business days. We deliver nationwide.
  3. Enjoy the online class. You'll receive a link to a Zoom meeting. On the day of the class, use that link to join the class. Class sizes are kept small, so you can easily ask questions and get immediate responses. Zoom is free and easy to use, on any device - smartphone, tablet or laptop. You're in control of your privacy - you can mute yourself and hide your webcam if and when you prefer.


What you'll learn:

Join Rebecca from Made By Me Workshop for a live streaming class and learn everything you will need to know to create a resin ocean artwork. Via zoom Rebecca will take you through the contents of your resin art kit including all the precautions you will need to know when working with resin. 

Rebecca will demonstrate how to set up your art board, measure and mix your resin and how to mix your colours before taking you through the steps to create your ocean artwork. This kit also includes some assorted seashells that you can use to add extra interest to your artwork.

The live streaming format will allow participants to ask as many questions as they need before starting their own piece. Rebecca will remain available after the demonstration to answer questions and provide tips to participants as they complete their work.

If you're not in a hurry to get started, don't worry we will record the workshop and email it to everyone who signs up for the workshop, participants will be able to rewatch and refer to the recording before starting their own piece.

What you'll get in your craft box:

  1. 50cm primed art-board
  2. 1 litre of Dalchem Crystal Clear you will use half of this for your artwork and have enough to create a second piece or use it for another project
  3. 4 colour products
  4. A bag of assorted seashells
  5. A 3.5 x 2.6mtr drop sheet
  6. standard and jumbo popsticks
  7. 10 mixing cups
  8. 5 pairs of gloves

What you'll need at home:

  1. Butane torch (these can not be shipped but you can pick one up in the tool department at Bunnings)
  2. A heat gun (also available at Bunnings) or a (very clean) hair dryer to move the resin around your board
  3. Baby wipes or a soft cloth and white vinegar to clean up any resin spills
  4. A level table large enough to accomodate a 50cm artboard, a spirit level is handy to have to check this - you can download this on your phone.
  5. A well ventilated space to work in, ideally a temperature controlled room works best - resin doesn't perform well in extreme heat or cold, ideal working temperature 20 to 24 degree celsius
  6. A well positioned camera or computer focused on your artboard if you want Rebecca to see what you are working on, its a good idea to set this up before you get started so that you don't have to touch it once you start working with your resin.
  7. Resin can get a bit messy so don't dress to impress, if you get resin on your clothes or shoes it won't wash off.
  8. Your artwork will need to stay in place for 24 hours to be touch dry

This would also be a great gift for Mother's Day - if you can't see your mum in person why not connect via zoom while participating in this live workshop.

This workshop is not recommended for pregnant women or young children as chemicals are used.

Cancellation Policy: no refunds for classes but we will send a recording of the live session to everyone who has purchased the kit