Fabric Marbling Workshop
Fabric Marbling Workshop Fabric Marbling Workshop Fabric Marbling Workshop Fabric Marbling Workshop Fabric Marbling Workshop Fabric Marbling Workshop Fabric Marbling Workshop Fabric Marbling Workshop Fabric Marbling Workshop Fabric Marbling Workshop Fabric Marbling Workshop Fabric Marbling Workshop Fabric Marbling Workshop

Come and learn the magical art of ebru (marbling) and create your own unique fabric pieces painted on water!

Ebru, also known as marbling art, is UNESCO heritage-listed Turkish art of water marbling. Colourful patterns are created by dropping and splashing paints onto a tray filled with a viscous solution with special brushes. These patterns are then transferred to fabric. It’s a mesmerising, magical experience due to the nature of the used materials. The end result of this work actually looks like the magic itself, since each pattern is unique and impossible to replicate.

We are delighted to welcome Eda Tevrizci to the workshop to run this very limited series of workshops. Eda is an experienced Ebru artist who is visiting from South Australia. This 2.5 hour workshop will commence with a brief history of Ebru and an introduction to the traditional materials and techniques used including information about pre-treatment process of the fabric for marbling, the preparation of the marbling "size" (viscose solution), the techniques and application process of the paints used to create the marbled designs on the water's surface and how to transfer the marbled patterns on fabric as well as information about the after treatment process. 

What you will learn: 

Each participant will have their own tray set-up (30x40cm) we start practicing with a few examples of paper marbling then move on to marbling 3 pieces of small size fabric (28cm x 28cm) Chiffon, Paj silk, cotton or satin. There will also be a large size tray which will give each participant the opportunity to create one 50x50cm chiffon scarf. Please wear old clothes and shoes as it can get a little messy.


206 Australia Street Newtown NSW 2042

Price: $190

Eda Tevrizci is a professional Ebru artist based in Melbourne and then South Australia since 2016. She started to work on traditional Ebru art early in 2015 which stole her heart immediately and has been practicing it since then.
She conducts ebru workshops and short-term courses for art lovers who are open to a unique experience—paint on water surface.
Apart from workshops, she also creates tangible ebru designed jewellery and fashion accessories, stationery and home decoration products all of which reflect her vision of life.
For Eda, Ebru is a lifelong learning journey and she is keen to share her expertise with people while trying to achieve more each and every day. She loves the freedom and endless posibilities that Ebru offers and always looks for new and creative ways to adapt it to the new forms of today’s world.

The artworks will need to dry overnight so they will need to be collected the following day or during the following week or they can be posted to you for an additional charge. 

We believe craft is as much about creativity as it is about connection, in our workshops you have the opportunity to meet new friends, share a few stories, laugh with each other and simply enjoy some time out for yourself. We have coffee and tea making facilities as well as a few snacks to sustain you through the workshop but if you prefer your caffeine made by a barista you will have to bring it with you.

Cancellation Policy: You can reschedule your class with up to 3 days notice. We do not refund classes but you are welcome to send someone else in your place if you can't make it on the day. We reserve the right to cancel classes if minimum numbers are not met in which case we will offer to reschedule or a full refund.